As you may have realized by now, we like to keep busy. Between quarterly print magazines, we like to offer our latest obsessions in relevant arts and culture in the form of what we like to call a collaborative mini-mag. With Issue 02 nearly sold out (there’s only 20 left! so get yours!) in a month’s time it’s just about that time that we announce our latest effort. The theme of our first mini-mag was zodiac, and sticking to all things we love, we decided to dedicate our second mini-mag to food.

We like to play with medium and form, so we think it would be fun to make a deck of food-associated alphabet cards — you know, those cards your grade-school teachers held up to teach you your ABC’s. We figure twenty-six cards offer us a unique way to exhibit artwork from an array of distinct artists, in a printed form, and it allows for the utmost creativity and interpretation on part of each artist.

So, here’s how it went down: We dished out a few letters per artist –Harley Jones; Josh McKennaMargherita Urbani; Nicole Divito; Clay Hickson; Jessica RowellPenny Slawinski; Aaron Billings;  The Gossip and The Choir – and they each got back to us with their personal depictions of each letter as it relates to anything having to do with food, and all that revolves around that theme: consuming, sharing, cooking. 

A fellow creative badass and friend, Max Prussner, will be helping us screen-print beauteous boxes to hold each 26-card collection.

Stay tuned for when we reveal the box, designed by the seriously talented, Josh McKenna.