We’re teaming up with this little known store URBAN OUTFITTERS for a pop-up zine fest on September 19th, where we’ll debut our Mini-mag #2, a deck of food-themed cards created by nine incredible artists.

Urban Outfitters in Harvard Square, Cambridge, is kicking off a series of local pop-up events which we’ll induct alongside Hungry Ghost Press and local artist Nicole DiVito. Stop by, say hi, and grab on-the-spot printed totes, amazing artwork, enjoy a free photo booth, complimentary drinks and tangible Mini-Mag #2 card decks, along with copies of our prior publications including: issue 01, issue 02, the zodiac mini-mag, and tons of Disco Naps postcards.

Given the caliber of artistic appeal roped into these 26-card alphabet card decks, we’ll make you a deal! We’re opening up a pre-sale next Wednesday, September 17th, to allow for some extra goodies: a complimentary package of Disco Naps postcards and free shipping.

Either way, come check out Harvard Square Urban’s event launch; say hi, grab a free drink! Big thanks to Urban Outfitters Harvard Square and our nine amazing artists, including: Harley Jones; Josh McKennaMargherita Urbani; Nicole Divito; Clay Hickson; Jessica RowellPenny Slawinski; Aaron Billings;  The Gossip and The Choir.