The foundation to any good pop song is a solid, catchy melody. Classically trained in the art of all things saxophone, Stephanie Cupo better known as Souvenir Stand is an expert in constructing nostalgic melodies for her retro-pop tunes.

Finding kindred musical spirits in Brian Wilson and the lady legend, Ronnie Spector, Souvenir Stand has released the newest from her recent 7-inch, Surprise. In true classic pop mastery Souvenir Stand’s fresh, new single, “Only Talkin'” is a contagiously memorable track that sheds light on the edge to Cupo’s voice that belies the youthful sound and innocent lyrics, so you don’t get bubble-gum pop overload.

Think of “Only Talkin'” as Souvenir Stand’s approach to a swinging California sound that gleams with harmonious ‘ooohs’ and ‘ahhhs’ and creates a captivating element of familiarity and nostalgia that the band has since made its wheelhouse.

Listen to the new single here on Amadeus first.