We’re excited to announce the release of the third issue of our quarterly print magazine, Amadeus. The creatives featured in our magazine are no doubt innovators of their respective crafts, but more importantly, they are part of a thriving and inclusive DIY movement and lifestyle. As longtime purveyors of the arts, we strive to work with friends and collaborators who inspire us, and the artists featured within the pages of this third issue have sparked not only an amazing publication, but a drive in us to push Amadeus to the next level.



Issue 03 Includes features, art and conversations with some of the most badass creative minds including:

Alex Yanes
Mirko Antich
James Sowka
Annu Kilpeläinen
Chris Morrison
Danny White
Alia Zaine
Mina Hamada
Sol Colmenares

We set a goal to share more of the artistic culture and energy that inspires us. Hopefully you learn something or become inspired by our magazine and the artists and creators that you find within its pages. Thanks to all of our friends and collaborators who push us to live more interesting lives.Issue 03 will be released and on sale on November 7th.