Cali Thornhill Dewitt Open First Solo Show “Safe Words”

With his Life of Pablo merch line for Kanye West nominated for a “World’s Best Design” award earlier this year and a freshly dropped collaboration with Slam Jam and Converse, it’s fair to say that this has been a big year for artist Cali Thornhill DeWitt. Never one to cease the perpetual creative hustle that he has come to embody, DeWitt is topping 2017 off with his first solo exhibition at German-born Karma International Gallery in Los Angeles called “SAFE WORDS”. The show is a “caricature of human nature” and an “ode to our inhumanity,” which hangs on the artist’s long-pervading “Anti-Human” stance.

DeWitt’s ongoing synthesis of the view “beauty is tragedy” is reinterpreted in this new body of work. Having moved from British Columbia to Los Angeles at the age of three, Dewitt, now 44, reminisces fondly of the days when his city was a hollow, desolate landscape canvased with violence and just the right amount of degradation. Even while dispelling his fondest memories that fester in gnats and decay, he enjoys a juice from the Green Grotto in the “new” downtown. It’s what space can become and how detrimental time can be.

SAFE WORDS is on display until January 20, 2018.