‘Something Like Idols’ is our new weekly homage to the people and freaks that continue to inspire us.

The flannel, the goatees, the espresso beans, the greasy hair, Babes in Toyland, Screaming Trees — none of these grunge staples had yet to filter up into Perry Ellis ads and The Real World when Winona Ryder rocked her grunge ensembles on and off the set of Reality Bites. Her disheveled short hair, red lipstick, and perfectly cropped muscle tanks unknowingly captured an era’s zeitgeist as she played Lelaina Pierce, recent college grad, and valedictorian to boot, who’s aspirations as a documentary filmmaker become muddled by that aimlessness; that confusion that comes out of the seemingly sudden vast opportunities that those 20-somethings in the  90’s had.

Winona was doing vintage before everyone else, looking effortless in her seemingly perfect, yet unkempt outfits. As the star of iconic movies like Heathers and Edward Scissorhands, Winona Ryder remains an inspiration for her ever-evolving style. From her gothic wardrobe and toddler-short bangs during her days in Beetlejuice, to her retro garb and enviable pixie cut in Girl Interrupted. Winona is undoubtedly a style inspiration and a favorite of ours, so in the words of Johnny Depp’s right-arm tattoo, “Winona Forever”!