So we may be a little late In honoring Saturday Night Live’s 40th anniversary but we found it a great opportunity to honor another one of our idols. We took a look at the some of the best SNL cast members that have graced the stage of the satirical, raunchy, comedy program that has radiated from television sets since 1975.

Sure, it is difficult to rate such a diverse bunch of people, each bringing their own sense of humor and wacky impressions throughout the years, however after subjecting ourselves to gut busting hilarity, it was unanimously agreed that Bill Murray produced laughs that were louder than all the rest.

Murray’s time on SNL, which started in 1976, led the way to a string of humorous classics throughout the 80s. The crazed gopher hunter in Caddy Shack and an unforgettable comedic portrayal of Hunter S. Thompson in the 1980 semi-biographical film Where the Buffalo Roam, were just a couple in the handful of flicks that received national attention.

Murray is loved for his entertaining ruses on a never ending list of cherished movies ranging from Space Jam to Ghost Busters, but his transition into dramas has cemented him as an unforgettable actor. Murray’s presence in films such as The Royal Tenenbaums, The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou and The Darjeeling Limited (all directed by the great Wes Anderson) have brought dark humor to life.

Not only is Murray active within the world of film, he delights ordinary people with his antics every day. Stealing customer’s chips from their restaurant table as they look away, bartending with Wu-Tang Clan and crashing college parties, always departing with his infamous words “No one will believe you.”