Writing is this publications forte. So you can imagine the perplexity when we realized we had never idolized a writer. With this in mind we had to think, really take our time to pinpoint who we consider to be one of the best writers of this time, this era. How could we not choose the hilarious, self-deprecating, somewhat relatable, bizarre storyteller, David Sedaris.

Sedaris first received notoriety when Ira Glass, creator of This American Life, found the essayist reading his diary in a Chicago club. After being invited to share his personal stories on the radio program, Sedaris’ career was launched.

His stories range from the hilarity of raunchy holiday anecdotes to Sedaris’ most recent walk around his neighborhood and his angry encounter with the dog-walker, a story that continues to leave us in sidesplitting hysterics.

He finds delight in writing unusual comments in fans’ books, coming up with book titles by stringing together random words (“Let’s Explore Diabetes With Owls”) and writing in his diary everyday since1977 – the source of which all of his stories are conceived.

We have recognized that we are not so different from Sedaris. He starts his day off like anyone else, grabbing a garbage bag, heading outside and picking up trash as he wanders the streets. Walking no less than 60,000 steps a day. This trash-collecting habit has provided Sedaris with the material and the ability to turn everyday life into a stew of hilarity.

– Taylor Wojick