With International Women’s Day still fresh in our minds, we thought it was more than appropriate to pinup two of our favorite girls on television (not that we need any excuse to idolize tese two comedic geniuses), Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson-creators of Broad City.

Having started out as a humble web series back in 2009, Broad City now floods television and computer screens with the same frequency that Glazer and Jacobson get high on the show (which is a lot). While the duo continued to write and further garner their hilarious web series, and simultaneously manage to develop a huge cult following, SNL leading lady Amy Poehler eventually teamed up the hysterically honest pair in 2014 to produce the Comedy Central hit.

Glazer and Jacobson both got their start at the Upright Citizen’s Brigade, an improvisational group, which birthed the Broad City story idea. It was there that they began experimenting and staging real life enactments of the twosome’s antics throughout New York City, now so commonly seen on the show. From adventures, or misadventures, at Bed, Bath & Beyond, to getting high and wandering the streets of Brooklyn, the  shameless BFFS turn time spent running everyday errands into  situational spells of nonstop laughter.

The label ‘best friends’ is just an inkling of what describes the chemistry and relationship between Glazer and Jacobson. They go together like spaghetti and meatballs, like Thelma and Louise, like Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld – one iconic comedic pair that Glazer and Jacobson attribute a lot of their own writing style from.

Given the opportunity, these two have begun to redefine how we think of ‘the modern woman’. Gone are the days of trying to relate to the over dramatic ladies of Girls, whose characters just about have a mental breakdown every time they lose a job, boyfriend, or social status. Instead we say, ‘fuck it’, hit the bong, and simply carry on.

Taylor Wojick, Contributing Writer