There are some pretty obvious reasons why we started Amadeus. We love art (all of its wild forms) and writing about it. We refuse to let print magazines fade into the over-saturated digital realm. And Kathleen Hanna.

The feminist punk rocker spearheaded feminist bands that popped up alongside their alternative-rock male counterparts in the 90’s, and with her inception of Riot Grrrl provided a voice for girls and women through rock’n roll and homemade literature that continues to resonate with us and throughout the work we make. If nothing else she made it clear that women could be creative, strong, and intelligent without male validation.

As a member of the feminist 90′s punk band, Bikini Kill, her more recent multimedia group, Le Tigre, and currently, her band The Julie Ruin, Hanna continues to vigorously empower women. Hanna brand Riot Grrrl as a distinct idea, but rather has handed it off for women to brand themselves. Something that should be built upon.

Tear it down if you want, but build up something productive in its place.