Imperial Art Studios

Amadeus Issue 05 Release Party

With plenty of magazines on hand, and fantastic artwork from the likes of photographer Teresa Flowers, illustrator Hannah Stouffer, Harley Jones, Stone Larkin, and Jennifer Korsen, the art-fueled release party proved an overwhelming success; guests buzzing with inspiration, as they moved to the funky vinyl tunes from Pres, fresh tacos in hand.

Sang Bleu Art & Tattoo Pop-Up At Imperial Art Studios

It's only been about nine months since Maxime Buchi opened Sang Bleu London - a tattoo shop, but also an art gallery, and official office space of Sang Bleu publishing, clothing, and design projects - however Buchi's pursuit to further expand the reach and presence of the Sang Bleu creative community, the widely recognized tattoo artist has opened a month-long tattoo and art pop-up space at the thriving artistic venue, Imperial Art Studios, in downtown Los Angeles.

Amadeus Issue 05 Coming Soon!

We just can't stop cranking out these magazines and we want you all to come celebrate the release of issue 05! So mark it down friends...we're honored to have such a diverse range of talent in Amadeus' upcoming issue 05.