Amadeus started out as a 36-page saddle-stitched zine and has since morphed into a quarterly print magazine, and bustling online and digital media platform that has fostered an expansive and close-knit network of artists. Amadeus communicates the necessity from which it is created: a magazine that doesn’t make any compromises; a vehicle for ideas and concepts; a tool to investigate what we’re most interested in. Amadeus functions as a space for artists to present their work and express their creativity, and to design a network through which people working in different disciplines can easily access new information, ideas and each other.

We’re not trying to impose homogeneity of taste, opinion and fashion. Rather, Amadeus is the magazine that gives voice to difference. We occupy the niche that falls between the world of underground “zines” and the mass market, and gather under the broad cultural canopy of art, music, design, skateboarding, food, fashion and youth culture: quirky, small-run, and highly individualistic.

Editor-in-Chief: Alex Khatchadourian
Creative Director: Sam Grad