In The Pursuit of Visual Declaration: A Conversation with Colin Sussingham

Sussingham grew up on Long Island, used to the convergence of assorted cultures and people, all of which he captures in his photos. From city sidewalks to friends' living rooms, Sussingham makes the most of his surroundings, employing his cameras rather than effects to grab the attention of his audience via the attention of his subjects.

A Visual Recount: Artist Dana Stirling

Dana Stirling is a storyteller, and a damn good one at that. A visual narrator, Stirling unfolds past and present through anonymous people, objects and things, wrapping her own self expression in expressionless beauty and attacking her memories from an abstract vantage point.

A Life Interpreted With Photographer Yoav Friedländer

As natural observers, we learn and understand with our fives senses—that is, until they’re impeded by things such as geography or time, in which case we look to outside experiences to fabricate our own. Enter photography: the window to shared places, moments and experiences from which we inform our own by others’ documented memories. For photographer Yoav Friedländer, those shared memories are more than memories, but opportunities to develop personal meaning and effect.

The Ambiguous Enthrallment of Justin Clifford Rhody’s Free-form Photography

To Justin Clifford Rhody—an Oakland, CA native with free-form photography down to an archival science of sorts—the experience of a photograph is to be interpreted by the experiencer, whether that lives in his interactions with subject and film or in the onlooker’s self-diagnosis of a photo’s weight.