All Kill No Fill

Photography is a universal language, one that has and continues to be used to decipher subcultures. In skateboarding, photography has become a tool through which skateboarders have now long been able to tell their own story, beyond outsiders and critics defining their voice.

Through photography, skaters depict the most authentic portrait of the attitude and lifestyle they embody, capturing the urban landscapes they inhabit and giving voice to the neighborhoods and streets they skate.

Skateboarding exerts a tremendous power over people, whether they skate or not. It’s attractive, enticing, and represents freedom; it’s a form of art and expression. “All Kill No Fill” represents a comprehensive cross-section of skateboard photography and culture featuring work from a range of photographers  – Atiba Jefferson, Thomas Campbell, Craig Stecyk, Mark Oblow, Arto Saari and more  – whose work has undoubtedly brought skateboarding from the fringe to the center of the art world.

See photos from the Photo LA exhibit below.