Upon initial listen, Danava may come off as a pseudo 1970s proto-metal, hard rock band. Think big riffs and long hair. But when the fleet-fingered guitarist, Andrew Forgash, gets going, and the rhythm section made up of Zachariah Dellorto Blackwell (bass guitar) and Matthew Oliver (drums) lock in, Danava build to pure psychmetal that could easily serve as a totally instrumental band and get away with it, but have the added bonus of Gregory Meleney’s actual singing capability and vocal hooks.

Each song, a rollicking, rippin’ power track with extra psychedelic embellishments. The band works with a consistent feeling and within the confines of genre, but seeing them live puts to rest doubts that it’s all pretense-laden artifice.

Check out our photos from their show last week at the Middle East in Boston with Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats.