We can all remember specific moments or situations that have inspired us and made us feel alive. The feeling may be indescribable with words, but the emotions or thrill it emanates is specific and encouraging. Artist Maxwell McMasters new body of work “Cherish the Day” is a reflection of past events and possible future ones that highlight these “good times” in our lives.

“Cherish the Day” explores moments that inspire us and make us feel alive. The work is brought to life abstractly through soft, lush, and wavy gradients, to capture the feeling of a moment rather than a literal depiction. By overlapping moments on top of one another, Max’s paintings are depicted through color, and texture the changing of scenes over the course of a day. McMaster employs his sugary pastel tones and dreamy gradients, with a clean, contemporary edge that creates delicate details that shine when the painting is complete.  The images serve as a reminder that life is beautiful and each day is a gift.

Don’t miss the opening of McMaster’s solo show “Cherish the Day” at Nucleus Gallery in Portland, tonight June 24th, from 5-8pm. For more from McMaster head to his website.amadeus-maxwell-mcmaster-4amadeus-maxwell-mcmaster-3 amadeus-maxwell-mcmaster-6 amadeus-maxwell-mcmaster-5amadeus-maxwell-mcmaster-2 amadeus-maxwell-mcmaster-1