If there are two words to describe Vulture Vintage, they are subtle ingenuity. The opposite of flashy, but the epitome of sumptuous, the brand focuses on reusing clothing and creating original, handmade pieces that combine cool sexuality with streetwise style. With intent to make smart, beautiful things, partners Taylor Ramirez and Maggie Lochtenberg function and create with a working philosophy of balancing originality and timeless styles.


Having contrived its name from the infamous Debbie Harry quote, “I’m a culture vulture, and I just want to experience it all,” the only true concept behind the brand is to make clothing that does exactly that. Part punk, part hippie, part hip-hop, there is no clear-cut label to describe Vulture Vintage’s style palette.

From grungy plaid skirts paired with hand-painted leather jackets to old shirts found at Salvation Army and Goodwill screened with original Vulture designs, the line draws on myriad subcultures that express the lifestyle and tastes of the two women at the helm of the intrepid brand.

“We’re trying to express our experiences and our tastes; part of that comes with a massive amount of variety in that we respect and are influenced by anyone that wears whatever the hell they want, even if we wouldn’t,” says Lochtenberg. “That’s what being a vulture is all about; experienceing more, trying new things, and wearing whatever you want. Not because of the label associated with that specific style, but because you actually genuinely like it.”

Both Ramirez and Lochtenberg bring different aspects to the brand’s variety that they can channel and tap into; Taylor with her keen eye for patterns and textiles and Maggie artistically. They have a visceral and savvy take on fashion trends and are excited to discover what their true potential is, whatever it may be. Together the pair proves to be filling a cultural void between fashion and art by creating clothing that has the same intrigue and dazzling originality as the uniquely flawed individuals that don their fearless garb.