With immeasurable, monotone quirk and a healthy curiosity for the world (and butts) around her, Tina Belcher just gets it. Surrounded by a fog of dense teenage standards and parental weights, Tina and her underdeveloped womanhood march to the beat of a different drum—a very horny drum. 
Tina carries herself with the perfect balance of maturity and youth-reliant ignorance. As often as her worldly insight is eclipsed by her keen awareness of butts, her awareness of butts falls short to her worldly insight. She’s a modern day catch-22: Rules of the heart versus rules of the sauntering butts. “I’m a smart, strong, sensual woman,” Tina proudly states. 
Of course, it’s not all about butts. Tina’s passions reach far out levels of fantastical dimensions, from unicorns to zombies and their undead sexual charge. She’s also an avid young writer with a considerable collection of erotic fan fiction andher speciality—erotic friend fiction, where Tina divulges the bulk of her hopeless romanticism in her distinctive hormonally angst-y voice that will someday draw popular desire from bookstands all over.
Tinas just a chick who knows what she wants and takes it—no ifs ands or butts. She’s a genuine, self-dedicated, hardworking character, and a true paragon to our Amadeus team. “I’m no hero,” Tina declares; “I put my bra on one boob at a time like everyone else.” Bravo, Tina. Bravo.