something like idols

Something Like Idols: Bill Murray

So we may be a little late In honoring Saturday Night Live’s 40th anniversary but we found it a great opportunity to honor another one of our idols, Bill Murray.

Something Like Idols: Kurt Vonnegut

Worn out copies of Vonnegut’s God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater and Cat’s Cradle could be found in the hands of longhaired college students and weed-smoking street musicians throughout the country, daring them to challenge the everyday methodologies of political and social institutions and reality itself. Read our ode to the chain-smoking social pessimist and author.

Something Like Idols: Lou Reed

With live performances as savage and unruly as his personality was introverted and deadpan, Lou Reed, the once lead singer of The Velvet Underground, developed and brought an avant-garde style to the often contrived methodology of rock music.
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Something Like Idols: Chris Farley

The fat guy in a little coat; the white ninja; the rhythmic Lunch Lady; the black sheep; the overzealous, auditioning Chippendales dancer. Whether boisterously portraying any number of his Saturday Night Live characters or emphatically making others laugh, most often at his own expense, Chris Farley proved one of the most animated and aggressively social comic actors in the business.
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Something Like Idols: Louis C.K.

Louis C.K. is our down-to-earth, inappropriate uncle. He’s the reason we know so much and give so little shits. And, really, that’s the way to live. The Louis C.K. way.

Something Like Idols: Stevie Nicks

Artist, musician, boys club conqueror, Stevie Nicks is a fury of raw emotions, and her refusal to apologize for her imperfections has made her one of the most distinctive female voices that came out of the sixties and seventies.

Something Like Idols: Tina Belcher

With immeasurable, monotone quirk and a healthy curiosity for the world (and butts) around her, Tina Belcher just gets it. Surrounded by a fog of dense teenage standards and parental weights, Tina and her underdeveloped womanhood march to the beat of a different drum—a very horny drum.