If it hasn’t become obvious by now, we strongly believe in collaboration; bringing artists and creators from different countries, backgrounds and mediums together through our quarterly publication and themed projects. But the finished products from these collaborations only tell one part of the story. We’re interested in the people behind the things we curate and create and in sharing those stories with our audience. Our goal is to bring in and introduce our readers to the people and artists that work with us, further cultivating the Amadeus brand, and to encourage an interest in and understanding of the care and attention to detail that goes into the projects we are working on.

With that said, meet Max Prussner. For those in creative pursuits, it can be either a dream or nightmare to balance personal work with more professional, stable employment. Prussner manages to gracefully hold onto both. We’ve had a giant friend-crush on the screen printer and musician for quite some time now. A guy who’s genuine excitement for life leaves him eager to create pretty things in any way possible, who can speak to no end about all that has to do with music, and who steadfastly remains one of our biggest champions and supporters. Which is why we were particularly excited to work with Mr. Prussner on our latest collaborative effort, the food-themed ABC card decks. Our friend took a break while home from touring, writing music and screen printing designs for well-known local bands to put his definitively DIY methods to work and help us screen print all 100 boxes that will soon hold our meticulously curated collection of 26 ABC cards available on Friday.

Prussner works swiftly and efficiently, going any distance to ensure quality in the work he does, and having the utmost patience with, admittedly, two pretty demanding chicks. Check out some behind the scenes photos as we got to printing last night.