Amadeus x Insight Sounds: Jemimah Barba

Jemimah Barba is not only an artist and educator, but a champion of community wellness. Through her shop and print studio, 1418 Fulton, Barba celebrates print media and the spirit of DIY. Jemimah took a minute to put a playlist together for our ongoing series, Insight Sounds.

Loose Allure: A Conversation With Illustrator Dominic Kesterton

Most often, What you see is what you get is an unnerving concept; unless it’s in reference to artist Dominic Kesterton, in which case, it’s a delightful surprise. Bold and fervent, Kesterton manifests in each of his illustrations and publications as the unfiltered creator, offering himself and his craft in even unison.

Hand-made Intimacy: Stanislava Pinchuk

Via Melbourne, Australia via the Soviet Union, DIY savant Stanislava Pinchuk – or Miso, as she artistically authorizes – creates and shares beautiful hand-mades. She creates without dimensional limitations, sketching, designing, tattooing and publishing.