Here we are, one year and four issues later. Things happen fast in one year, and since our modest, 40-page, saddle-stitched first issue, we’ve created a new kind of space for artists to present their work and express their creativity, and have designed a network through which people working in different disciplines can easily access new information, ideas, inspiration, and each other.

The main concept behind Amadeus is to curate, exhibit, and promote artists, to serve as a launch- pad for creatives in the design, photography, fashion, and music industries. The art direction of Amadeus reflects the spirit of the magazine – constantly changing and experimenting with the layout, the typefaces, and the grid. Amadeus communicates the necessity from which it is created: A magazine that doesn’t make any compromises, a vehicle for ideas and concepts, a tool to investigate what we’re most interested in.

Issue 04 features include:

Ampal Creative, Sean Bernhardt, Keith Bieles, Cheryl Dunn, Penelope Gazin, Yeyei Gomez, Joel Jerome, Suzi Kemp, Robert Pokorny, Sofia Schizas, and Hattie Stewart. Thank you to Lauren Beaven and Hollowdoubt for contributing.

We set a goal to share more of the artistic culture and energy that inspires us. Hopefully you learn something or become inspired by our magazine and the artists and creators that you find within its pages. Thanks to all of our friends and collaborators who push us to live more interesting lives. Issue 04 will be released and on sale via our webstore, Friday February 20th.