Besides the release of a new amadeus issue, there’s nothing we love more than tabling and mingling at a zine fest. Countless tables filled with printed matter, each zine’s carefully-bound pages urging you to pick them up and eagerly gander at the unique content each one boasts.

This year’s OC Zine Fest proved nothing less than a gang of saddle-stitched inspiration. From LA to OC, artists practicing in a range of mediums – photography, illustration, riso printing, graphic design, editorial, poetry – gathered at the Orange County Center for Contemporary Art to share their alternative creations.

Ranging from comics to politics to personal narratives to just for-the-hell-of-it, zines maintain their status as the truest form of everyman lit. With over 80 zinesters showing off their self-made publications, OC Zine Fest hosted an overwhelmingly successful event that continues to promote DIY art culture and support the local art community in Orange County and it’s surrounding areas.