The time has come for us to introduce you to another crowd of talented individuals and their respective crafts via our arts and culture field guide: the sixth installment of amadeus magazine. Designed as a creative network through which creators can connect and share with other likeminded makers, regardless of creative niches, amadeus is aroused by the people behind the incredible constructs we see. We’re inspired by their stories, their processes, and by the unique self-determination that art requires.
These are the DIY artists and creators who make for the sake of their craft rather than the industry, and who are driven by the risks that come with pursuing what they love to do.
This sixth issue runs in that ambitious, independent vein, bringing eleven mismatched creators into play and highlighting the impeccable journeys and eventual accomplishments they’ve made along the way. This issue introduces raw people—our favorite—from various walks of life; the common denominator, their loyalty to this sense of an inclusive arts community.
With the help of our brilliant and engaging contributors and the kind folks who put forth their creative lives for our publication, we can’t wait to share with you issue sixth, out September 19th, as always, at
And for those of you in the Los Angeles area: a release party to celebrate our artists and our accomplishments! September 19th at WNDO, 361 Vernon Ave, Venice, CA. Come hang from 7-10pm—magazines, beers and good people!
issue six featured artists:
Toni Halonen,
Mish Way
Guillermo Polo
Claudio Majorana
Kindah Khalidy
Bisco Smith
Luke Pelletier
Magdalena Wosinska
Sarah Sitkin
Tracy Wilkinson