n. \ˈdis-(ˌ)kō\ \ˈnap\

A short passage of sleep taken while dressed, with music playing, and the aim that one will not fall into deep sleep; thereby allowing the disco napper to relax and recharge, but also wake up and go out later.

We here at Amadeus are huge fans of the disco nap. Our days are often consumed by interviews, studio visits, and endless amounts of writing, while our nights are filled with bouncing from one music venue to the next and shameless gallery hopping (done mostly because we love the shitty hors d’oeuvres they provide). Needless to say, we’ve mastered the disco nap. And since we wouldn’t be able to sustain this non-stop boogie lifestyle without our allotted 20-minute slumber sessions, we’re naming our soon-to-be reoccurring photo journal, (which documents our most recent adventures and travels), after the mandatory naptime that keeps us going errrrryday.

Disco Naps Vol. 1 documents our time spent in Los Angeles last month. After an impromptu album cover photo shoot for a local punk band, a 24-hour trip to Vegas, and too many artsy-fartsy shindigs, we were wiped out. But we got some fun shots of the hectic two weeks spent in the sunny city.