We’re endlessly interested in the work of artist Kingsley Ifill. He has a punk aesthetic and an undeniably fascinating way of taking a valueless image and manipulating it into a complex visual arrangement or painting.

Often jumping around between mediums including photography, screen printing, painting, sculpture along with various different techniques using computers and photocopiers, Kingsley imparts a mechanical and time-consuming process to create his multifarious works.

In his newly opened show, “Mute” at Golborne Gallery in London we see Kingsley working within several alternating systems or processes, usually where he adds and adds, combining whatever is around him, until a piece feels right. Whether the content is interpreted as humorous or something more serious is ultimately up to the viewer. But what’s most intriguing about the new show is in Kingsley’s process of putting incomparable, but familiar images or things together, we begin to look for something new.

See photos from “Mute” below.

kingsley_ifill_mute_0010kingsley_ifill_mute_008kingsley_ifill_mute_004 kingsley_ifill_mute_005 kingsley_ifill_mute_0012 kingsley_ifill_mute_002 kingsley_ifill_mute_003