Both Mary Iverson and Scott Albrecht’s work have graced the pages of our quarterly printed magazine. Both are important American artists; Mary with her intricate paintings that are an on time and on target commentary on our consumer culture, and Scott with his cleverly designed and abstract woodcut pieces. Both artists’ works are aesthetically grounded in precision and geometrics, and similarly, exude the commitment with which each of them creates each piece. It’s only fitting that the two have come together for a new show, “Correspondence,” opening at Andenken Gallery in Amsterdam this weekend.

“Correspondence” will boast new work from both Iverson and Albrecht, work that is inspired by the things that happen around each of them—from the bigger events that cause a shift in daily balance, down to the smaller ones that we may regularly interact with but almost always ignore. Via woodworking, graphic design, collage, and ink on paper, Scott’s work is minimalistic but holds a considerable depth of storytelling marked by the edges and angles, drawn, laser-cut, and oriented to perfection. Mary’s landscape paintings are lined with intricate geometrics, which beautifully portray her exacting and pointed commentary on the imminent disaster of our gross consumerist culture.

Check out a preview of the new work below and don’t miss the opening of “Correspondence” tomorrow, November 11th from 6-10pm at Andenken Gallery.

"Thinking Feeling"

“Thinking Feeling”

"An Eye Can Only See"

“An Eye Can Only See”

"A Familiar Space"

“A Familiar Space”

"Hidden Mountains"

“Hidden Mountains”

"Shipwreck, Yosemite National Park"

“Shipwreck, Yosemite National Park”

"Shipwreck, Mount Rainier National Park"

“Shipwreck, Mount Rainier National Park”