Big crowds and lines around the block have quickly become commonplace when it comes to the night of a show opening at Slow Culture Gallery – a now mainstay to not only the thriving bars, boutiques, and small businesses scattered along North Figueroa in Highland Park, but an artistic mainstay and multi-purpose creative space in LA.

And while in fact Slow Culture’s show regularly drive hordes of art mongers through their doors, the gallery’s most recent group show, Felix The Cat: Cats Out Of The Bag, proved their biggest yet.

With several of the artists on hand for the opening including Kristofferson San Pablo, Kyle Ng, Aaron Elvis Jupin, Nathan Koteschko, Nathan Bell, Darren Romanelli, Spanto, Langley Fox Hemingway, Phil Nisco and more, the Highland Park outfit gathered nearly forty members of their creative community and tasked them with creating a piece of work that embodied the world famous cartoon cat.

This group, which included fine artists, cartoonists, street artists, creative directors, tattoo artists, and more, jumped at the chance to pay homage to a figure that had for many of them made an indelible impact on their art.

From Phil Nisco’s video installations that looped Marina Abramovic’s The Artist is Present with Felix’s head transposed on Ulay’s to Kristofferson San Pablo’s designed and limited quantity Felix pin, to LA-based Neverpress’ special zine, the group show featured everything from mixed media to sculpture to sign painting to installation, all of which captured the different iterations and interpretations of the first cat ever to become a true international icon.


All images thanks to Morgnar :