Better than a cookie but not quite a bagel, Janky Donuts is about to blow your mind. This exclusive-y new donut shop will be hitting Boston mid-July with flavors, originality and vibes yet to be seen in the city.
Janky Donuts—the name alone is enough to grab your attention—consists of five guys with an appetite and calling for donuts. With past experience, but never the time or place for their unique vision, they’re taking donuteuring into their own hands to give Boston the best of those round, gooey goodnessess.

145 Pearl St. #5
Boston, MA 02110

What inspired the opening of Janky Donuts? Are donuts a long-time passion/favorite?

Anybody who does not share a true love for donuts is probably living an unfulfilling and sad life. For us, donuts aren’t so much a passion as they are a perfect escape into confectionary bliss. We came upon a unique vision for our shop and expect a lot of buzz and interest in what we are doing. We are definitely expecting some bumps along the road, but ultimately we are hanging our hat on the fact that we have some banging donuts.

Is there a background in food and restauranteur-ing, or is this a brand new feat for you?

All five of us have had experience working in restaurants and even building restaurants and designing things as well. Starting our own shop has been extremely challenging due to our lack of business expertise, but we make up for it with our creative problem solving and experience in what not to do.

What’s your method of operation like? How many donuts will you guys be dishing out come opening day? 

Without giving away too much, I would just like to say we are focused on sourcing locally, perhaps to a detriment. Prices will be based on market value, so sometimes if we are using dairy from a local goat which has been fed grass fed beef and works out everyday we are going to have to adjust accordingly. Also we are running on a first come first serve basis, so due to the small prep kitchen we will only have about 150 donuts a day.

Do you stick with the classic flavors, or do you experiment?

The classics have taught us everything we know. They are like the Plato to our Aristotle. That being said, we believe it is important to separate ourselves from our predecessors and to make something new and fresh. Our flavors will reflect our passion for food as much as sweet, and blur the lines between savory and sweet.

How worried are you about Boston competition?

Boston has some great options for sure and the history in the area could work for us or against us. We understand what Dunkin’ has been able to do, Honeydew, even Twin Donuts. But really the only competition we are concerned with is Union Square donuts. They are the only other place truly pushing the boundaries of what donuts could be. Even with some stiff competition, we believe we are taking donuteuring into the next frontier, where no man or donut has gone before. The explosive flavors and combination of ambiance and service will hopefully separate us from the competition.

What are your expectations for opening day, July 11?

July 11 we expect a solid turnout. Maybe not full blown Woodstock, but we have reason to believe it’s going to be big. We are pushing to accommodate at least a few thousand guests and hope to build the trust and relationships with our new friends as we continue to challenge ourselves and release new recipes moving forward.

How did you guys spend your National Donut Day? 

Playing sports. Believe it or not, we think a well rounded diet and exercise is key to properly enjoying a donut. We play sports together every morning to get our brains right, and then we get to work. We have our own version of a basketball match that is 5 people playing 1 on 1 on 1 on 1 on 1, we call its SportsBall. It’s exhausting, but its a great workout!