Bikini Visions: LA Rush Hour With Jared Mell

The traffic problem in LA has gotten so bad that it’s spilling out from our congested freeways, and has started clogging up surf spots throughout Malibu. Yet Crap Eyewear surf fam Jared Mell expertly maneuvers south swell Malibu traffic with his signature style, in this new video “Bikini Visions,” shot in 8mm by Matt Grote. Soundtracked by The Babe Rainbow’s “Monky Disco,” Jared makes all two minutes of this new clip a real joy to watch.

Crap teamed up with Jared to create his signature sunglass, The Bikini Vision, which the brand says is “inspired by his worldly travels to exotic breaks and time spent carefully hand-shaping his own boards.”