Ex-Pornstar and DJ, Danny Wylde, is no stranger to the hot and sticky. Whether it’s in the bedroom or on the dance floor, as people groove to his ‘fire’ beats.

Last Spring, Danny Wylde, previewed his #WYLDEFIRE mixtape at a pool party in Palm Springs. That’s where he met Royce Burke (“The Rogue Chef”).

“Royce and I were talking, and he told me how fitting he thought it was that I became a DJ after porn,” said Wylde. “It made so much sense to the both of us. Like, Shakespeare said, ‘Music is the food of love.’ I’ve spent my entire adult life making love. Or at least fucking. So in a way I’ve always done music”

As the conversation continued, they discovered an unusual shared passion: Hot Sauce.

Both had been avid hot sauce collectors. And as the night wore on, they bonded over all things hot

“I am constantly looking for new ways to spice up my dishes,” said Burke. “Sometimes that comes from seasonings. Sometimes it comes from people. Danny is one of those people who has a certain spice. I figured that if I could just wrap my mind around it, and capture the essence of Danny’s WYLDEFIRE, then we could create a truly unique sauce. One that would go well on everything from sausage to tacos”.

Royce Burke, perhaps better known as “The Rogue Chef”, has made a name for himself in Los Angeles with Chimney Coffee  and his Rogue dinner parties. But he was looking for something bigger. Hence, WYLDEFIRE.

When Wylde and Burke sealed the deal, it made sense to bring in fine art photographer, Maggie West, to design the label and artist, Luka Fisher, to produce the ad campaign.

“We’ve been providing samples of the sauce at various performance art events and happenings across Los Angeles, and have been amazed by the response within the creative community. Musician, Wilton James (Vertighost), spontaneously composed a jingle for the brand. “We’re hoping to continue this trend by sponsoring hot underground artists and releasing a coffee table art book”, said Fisher.

Why does Fisher think that artists might be interested in this project: “I figure, ‘Why paint the soup can, when you can sell the soup?’

And this initiative has already yielded spectacular results. Wilton’s jingle was utilized in the latest spot “WYLDEFIRE: PACKING HEAT” which was directed by Karim Meg (CA$HOUT) and produced by Luka Fisher and Mary Moutry. The video depicts a typical day at work for the porn-chef duo. It also features cameo’s from artists Daniel Crook, Christian Burke, and Wilton James.

You can get the sauce here: www.rogue.la