Sofar Sounds started out of a group of music lovers’ frustration with the traditional live music experience. In a tiny North London flat, Sofar Sounds hosted three young artists who played to a carefully selected audience of true music lovers. And after that show, those people went and told their friends…

Sofar Sounds is now the world’s largest live music discovery community; curating secret, intimate gigs in unique spaces all around the world. Bringing the magic back to live music.

In this Sofar Sounds session, we get a more than entertaining live set from Los Angeles’ resident surf rockers, Santoros. They’ve patented a new type of hypnosis in their rehashing of grooved-out lo-fi tunes on their 8-song EP, Ancestros. The seriously Southern California band never ceases to experiment with sounds that attempt to shake-up their up-tempo, easily digestible, surf-like jams. Watch Santoros perform tracks, “Evil Woman,” and “Everything’s Alright.”

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