Our friends at Lot F Gallery have collaborated with the talented folks at Best Dressed Signs to curate a unique art show featuring the colorful works of sign artists and lettering enthusiasts from around the world. Despite hand-painted signs’ almost-extinction with the rise of the vinyl sign, the trade has found its way back into today’s society via a loose network of like-minded letter junkies dubbed the “Pre-Vinylite Society”.

The downtown Boston gallery houses a diverse landscape of hand painted signs – signs on saws, signs on frisbees, signs on glass, signs on cracked and repurposed wood – from some of today’s most dexterous sign painters including, Colt Bowden, Kenji Nakayama, Bob Dewhurst, Josh Luke, and Jimmy “Spike” Birmingham. The show emphasizes sign art as an undoubted gallery-worthy craft, showing off the talents of several generations of sign painters. The age-old trade is in no way just a novelty, but a viable occupation and art form.

Be sure to check out the seriously rad signs and truly masterful hand-lettering until April 25th. In conjunction with this display of DIY fervor and what seems to be turning into a sign painting renaissance, the dudes at Best Dressed Signs will be hosting a sign-painting demo Saturday, April 12, during which show curator, Meredith Kasabian, will talk about how she curated the show. For updates and more info keep up with Lot F’s Facebook.