The ladies of Vulture Vintage made their way to Moon Block Party’s annual music festival Desert Daze this past weekend to catch a slew of bands, sling some vintage merch and snap some photos of the weekend’s festivities. Vulture’s Taylor Ramirez took in the 27 bands and dusty scenery, reporting back to Amadeus with an awesome collection of pictures and some words about the music-filled two days.

Desert Daze 2014: amazing bands, scorchingly hot weather, and lots of dirt, but mostly amazing bands. After arriving in Mecca, CA late friday evening, we were greeted with a lovely sign that read, “Welcome to the moon.” it indeed did not feel like we were on earth.

We successfully set up our tent in some mild winds, and enjoyed a few beers before passing out under the starry sky. The next morning we barely woke up, didn’t shower, and went to get some crappy gas station coffee to start the day. We eagerly waited for the bands to start while we met camping neighbors and explored the territory. While hanging out under our merch tent in the early morning, an adorable face requested to get her face painted. This person happened to be melissa, one of the singers from the  band Church of Sun. Sadly she could not get painted before her performance, but she and her band killed it as one of the first performances of the day. The wind blew their hair back as they blew the audiences minds. Luckily she was able to come by after, hang out, and get her face painted, she was just one of the many people that really made our day.

Next up to play was L.A. Witch, who we were excited to see after having just seen their new music video, ‘Get Lost.’ The band is made up of some mega babes, who produce a very heavy and badass sound. We were glad to have caught them. as the day went on we scattered throughout the festival catching some rad bands like Corners, Cosmonauts, Froth, jjuuujjuuu, Mystic Braves, and much more. One band that stood out was Deap Vally. If you’ve never heard of them, they are two extremely badass ladies, Lindsey Troy and Julie Edwards, who just exude a strong, sexual, rock and roll sound. We got a couple of crappy photos of them, due to the fact they were making us rock out too hard.

Bouncing between our booth and the stages to check out bands, we met some rad people who kept us company, and ran into some wonderfully familiar ones. after a day of ingesting no food, and a lot of dirt and beer, the rest of the night got fuzzy, but we did get to see Unknown Mortal Orchestra, who, although had some technical difficulty at the beginning of their set that was pissing off the guitar player, still rocked our socks off, and sounded incredible. After we hustled over to the other stage to watch the Allah-lahs kill it. The rest of the night consisted of the Raveonettes, Blonde Redhead, Vincent Gallo, and Liars.

Needless to say when we got back to our tent and crashed. Even with the clamor of surrounding partiers, nothing could keep us from sleeping off this wonderfully exhausting day. After waking up, packing up, and spending about thirty minutes getting our truck out from being stuck in the soft desert dirt, we went home in a desert daze. 

– Taylor Ramirez