Something Like Idols: Stevie Nicks

Artist, musician, boys club conqueror, Stevie Nicks is a fury of raw emotions, and her refusal to apologize for her imperfections has made her one of the most distinctive female voices that came out of the sixties and seventies.

VIDEO PREMIERE: A Day In The Life With Dirty Dishes

We spent a late August afternoon with Dirty Dishes in Los Angeles; hanging at Ms. Donut – the official site of all Dirty Dishes band meetings – eating grilled cheese sandwiches at Brite Spot Diner, walking around Echo Park Lake, and an enjoying an impromptu jam session on the floor of Jenny Tuite’s quaint abode.

Something Like Idols: Tina Belcher

With immeasurable, monotone quirk and a healthy curiosity for the world (and butts) around her, Tina Belcher just gets it. Surrounded by a fog of dense teenage standards and parental weights, Tina and her underdeveloped womanhood march to the beat of a different drum—a very horny drum.

Danava: Rollicking, Rippin’ Psychmetal

Each of Danava's songs is a rollicking, rippin' power track with extra psychedelic embellishments. The band works with a consistent feeling and within the confines of a bygone genre, but seeing them live puts to rest doubts that it’s all pretense-laden artifice.