There isn’t much that Consume Cool hasn’t found it’s name printed on. Everything from shirts, hats, fidget spinners, and shopping carts, to a bottle of ranch dressing, Air Jordans, and even a rock. In an age when being an artist means creating a brand around yourself,  consumerism has become a cherished craft. New England-bred, LA-based multi-disciplinary artist Gordon Holden challenges the established bounds of fine art with his aptly named Consume Cool branding.

Gordon will open a new exhibition with Paul Loya Gallery called “Wear ME,” on Friday, September 15th, which addresses consumerism and the intersection between brand loyalty and personal narrative in visual culture. Branding has become synonymous with the self in this media saturated world. As a result, entertainment and trends surpass utility and functionality in the scramble for a defined identity. Brands and their logo become the default idol signifying worthiness and sense of belonging to the origins it has nothing to do with.

“Consume Cool is about what we want, but ultimately can’t have. Consume Cool is the new and instantly famous. Consume Cool is changing history a little bit and calling it our own. Consume Cool is business. Consume Cool is art. Consume Cool is Nothing. Consume Cool is everything. Consume Cool is an adhesive. Consume Cool is kewl.”

Don’t miss “Wear ME” at Paul Loya Gallery’s first pop-up since closing the doors to their gallery in Culver City. Opening reception is September 15th, 7-10pm at 3217 Beverly Boulevard, Los Angeles 90026.