Not a day goes by where we won’t listen to music or hear it in some way, shape or form. Music is loved on a global scale, with everyone having their own personal preferences when it comes to genres, artists and bands. The variety is probably what makes music so great, with different genres suiting different moods and helping to evoke different emotions from the listener. In fact, it is not unusual for businesses to use music to get us in the mood for whatever is on offer; whether it may be shopping in a local supermarket or enjoying a soothing massage at the spa. Music is even integral to the success of many games in the entertainment sector, with gaming developers all admitting how much it contributes to the overall gaming experience and often referencing music’s importance when revealing tips and tricks for slots.

On the whole, people often stick to listening to just one type of music, or to one singer or band. You could say they are missing out in a way, as not only are they potentially not hearing some other great records; those audiences are also not experiencing the psychological effects that other genres bring. It’s said that certain genres affect the listener and their mood in a specific way, which can then go on to improve a person’s sense of well-being.

Slower music, with a maybe 60 beats per minute or less, is said to be relaxing and soothing for the brain due to the alpha waves they create. This means genres such as jazz are ideal for those who may be feeling slightly stressed or worked up about something. You can also find jazz music which is accompanied by sounds from nature such as waterfalls, which can have an even greater effect.

It’s very common for us to listen to music while we’re working out, especially when we’re on a run or doing some sort of endurance exercise. There are two types of music which are ideal here, pop and dance. If somebody is listening to pop music and singing along to the tracks they know, they’re likely to forget about the task at hand; which will see them achieve more. Dance music is great here too as it really helps to get the adrenaline going, with many often upping their game to the tempo of the music, whilst also enjoying the good feelings dance promotes.

Heavy metal and rock music have been popular for generations and even the older bands from decades ago are still as popular today as they were in their heyday. Some even gain inspiration from their rock legends and have gone on to make their mark in not only music but other parts of lives. A lot is said about metal and rock being good for a person’s soul and sense of identity. There’s a real community aspect promoted by these genres, with a high likeliness that this trait is carried into the home life of fans. These types of music also promote the mentality of living life with no regrets too, which can be beneficial for mental health.

Rap music is said to be the best genre to help people through periods of depression and hard times, primarily because many rap and hip-hop songs tell a story, but not just any story. They usually speak of a person starting from the bottom with nothing and overcoming the odds and obstacles to reach where they want to be. They promote positive messages and this has proven to be relatable for listeners.