As people continued to flood through the doors of Denver’s streetwear boutique and art gallery, Station, crowding into the small alternative space to get a look at the eye-opening photography exhibition, Winter In America, a towering pile of hoodies only continued to grow in the back corner. An exhibition as well as an attempt to raise awareness of homelessness around the nation, Winter In America-featured photographers asked attendees to bring a new or gently used hoodie as part of the “Hoodies for the Homeless” program in exchange for entry.

The diverse collection of black and white photographs from the curated group of photographers “invokes the harsh times the bitter months bring to the inner city’s inhabitants and the hope that is replenished with the changing of the seasons.” Focusing primarily on depicting the often unseen moments from the daily struggle of life in any metropolis, the exhibits photographers displayed a wide range of photographs, each unveiling the harsh realities of homelessness.

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