Los Angeles

Girl Barf: An interview with street artist Gabby Gonzales

The designer turned street artist may have only got her start spray painting the sides of buildings and walls in downtrodden alleyways nearly a year and half ago, but here squiggly-looking cast of characters, which are contrived from the stoned skateboarders and drunk hippie bums she runs into on the Hollywood streets, are a direct response to being out and about in the Los Angeles.

“Get Lost” with L.A. Witch

The amount of psych/garage rock bands that currently inhabit Los Angeles, and Southern California in general, is vast. Hordes of bands playing all-too-familiar, reverb-drenched tunes can be heard at a number of clubs and venues throughout the city on any given day, which makes attracting the ears of jaded listeners quite a tough feat.

Mirror Days

Low, rumbling vocals and gloom-shrouded tracks give Mirror Days an unusually fluid and melodic sound on new album.

Sketchbook: Ken Garduno

Ken Garduno can't work in silence. He'll usually have some random movie he's watched 100 times over or an episode of Seinfeld playing while he works at his studio space in LA's Koreatown.

On The Edge: Vulture Vintage

If there are two words to describe Vulture Vintage, they are subtle ingenuity. The opposite of flashy, but the epitome of sumptuous, the brand focuses on reusing clothing and creating original, handmade pieces that combine cool sexuality with streetwise style.

On The Edge: The Unincorporated Life

When Shane and Summer Salazar opened the Unincorporated Life storefront on the corner of Western and Virginia in Hollywood, some of the only foot traffic they received was from curious passers-by wondering what they were up to.