There’s nothing more intriguing to us than getting an invitation into the inspired spaces and studios of the artists that continue to impress us with their creative ingenuity and inspire our readers and future endeavors. Our In the Studio series allows to create little glimpses into the minds of the cutting-edge creators, original thinkers and extraordinary people that continue to enter our realm. 

Each studio has a personality of its own. It can be a monstrous clutter from one end to the other, scrap heap of discarded works abound, or, at times, the very model of simplicity and meticulousness. For this In the Studio special, we hang with Los Angeles based artist, Tatiana Velázquez AKA TeeVee Art, before the highly motivated painter took off for Europe to spread her art through Amsterdam and Spain.

Stay tuned until next week, when we go in the studio with Dirty Dishes and hang with the musical duo at some of their favorite places in LA.