Skateboarding and punk rock are like cousins. They don’t always agree or get along, but they’re cut from the same rebellious cloth and both factions of culture have always found refuge in one another.

Through a dynamic series of black and white photographs of professional and amateur skateboarders and musicians from across the globe, Cole Giordano’s new book, Sibling Rivalry, depicts the inescapably intertwined narratives of skateboarding and punk rock. The book plays with the concept of each outsider culture vying for the attention of their parent: the photographer. Published by Duke Distribution as part of their new publishing platform Duke Editions that focuses on the depiction of underground culture, Sibling Rivalry includes 48-pages filled with photographs of bands like Pg. 99, Subhumans, and Converge, skate friends, and rare imagery of people like Japanese skate icon Takahiro Morita.


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