The Visual Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda: A Conversation With Artist Tyler Spangler

What's an image worth without context? A work of art altered in colors, purpose or form. Do these artifacts continue to hold their inherent meaning, or are they stripped of that in transformation? Thriving on the "rawness of chaos," California native and digital artist Tyler Spangler pushes both concepts—of continuity and the artistic license of visual evolution—collaging had-been permanence with new-age digital alterations.

One Word Inspiration: Ricardo Lozano Shoots The Sleazy

"I left my house with a couple best-case scenarios. I wanted to capture the essence of 'sleazy' in New York City." We challenged Ricardo Lozano to snap a collection of photos based on a single word that we gave him for inspiration to point and shoot. With analog camera in hand, here's what he came up with given the word, 'sleazy.'

Each Fragmented Life: A Conversation With Artist Tallulah Fontaine

Between her homeland of Canada and the warmth that is California, Tallulah Fontaine creates on a reflective level, steadying nature, reality and the precarious. In delicate liquid-spread watercolors and dark, bold linage, life's tangles collapse, clearing room for the appreciation of existence.

Deflating The Cult Of Celebrity: A Conversation With Artist Eliza Brown

On any given evening you can find Eliza Brown planted on her bed, usually consuming some wine, an episode of Real Housewives, and perhaps some late-night snacks. Brown is hard at work; enamored by the fantastically over-dramatic pseudo celebrities that squawk at each other in-between gulps of Chardonnay, she observantly gathers material and inspiration for her next pop-culture driven painting.

Waves For Sale: A Collaborative Art Book From Cory Patterson and Sean Bernhardt

Waves For Sale has the effect of a time capsule, bringing back images of Patterson's prior surf trips in shades of color and black and white. However unlike the classic surf photography book, in some spreads Patterson's images stand as the canvas for Bernhardt's heavily inked illustrations of grim reaper types, snake-infested skulls, and evil-looking palm trees.

Something Like Idols: Thelma and Louise

Chasing their undeniable energy, Thelma and Louise took an unconventional journey to self-discovery, and while the majority of films during the early 90s can hardly pass The Bechdel test, a means of assessing a movie’s treatment of female characters, "Thelma and Louise" passes with high-flying colors.

Vibin’ with Levitation Room

Julian Porte of Levitation Room talks about the evolution of the Los Angeles music scene and the ever-supportive backing of two of Los Angeles' most hardworking indie labels, Burger Records and Lolipop Records.