Something Like Idols: Kathleen Hanna

There are a few reasons why we started Amadeus. We love art (all of its wild forms) and writing about it. We refuse to let print magazines fade into the over-saturated digital realm. And Kathleen Hanna.

The Devil Makes Three Talks Fugazi, Recording Live, and Embarks On Largest Tour Yet

There is nothing fabricated or staged in the music that The Devil Makes Three creates, just an extension of the devastating and downright pretty feelings that really must rest in each of them. As the band starts its largest tour yet, guitarist and lead singer Pete Bernhard took the time to talk about learning everything they know from Fugazi, endlessly driving around this country in circles, and channeling Woody Guthrie for lyrical inspiration.

Something Like Idols: David Sedaris

Writing is this publications forte. So you can imagine the perplexity when we realized we had never idolized a writer. With this in mind we had to think, really take our time to pinpoint who we consider to be one of the best writers of this time, this era. How could we not choose the hilarious, self-deprecating, somewhat relatable, bizarre storyteller, David Sedaris.

Between Reality and Escapism: A Conversation With Photographer Chris Mongeau

With an embedded obligation for exploring all of it, Mongeau has made traveling his art form as innately as photography—his photos are harmonious with his travels; his travels, harmonious with his work. Saturated not only in natural hues and depths but in experiences, Mongeau’s work captures the staunch essence of living—without fear and without graveness—perfectly nested between the beauties of reality and escapism.

Vitality and Lightness: A Conversation With Illustrator Rachel Merrill

Rachel Merrill works mostly the old-fashioned way, wrestling valiantly with watercolor and pencil. She works across illustration, comics and fashion and her signature style is heavy on effervescent tones and devoid of extraneous detail, making for works that straddle a magical line between rigorous and wistful.

Something Like Idols: Chris Farley

The fat guy in a little coat; the white ninja; the rhythmic Lunch Lady; the black sheep; the overzealous, auditioning Chippendales dancer. Whether boisterously portraying any number of his Saturday Night Live characters or emphatically making others laugh, most often at his own expense, Chris Farley proved one of the most animated and aggressively social comic actors in the business.

Something Like Idols: Cindy Sherman

Cindy Sherman is a Hitchcock heroine, the Marilyn Monroe, a corpse, a disfigured sex doll, a clown, the grotesque monster that has been seen so frequently in B rated horror films, and the list only goes on.

Video Premiere: Rice Cakes Front Woman Covers “I Will Always Love You”

Roz and the Rice Cakes, the Rhode Island band of three, has been killin' it all year touring the country with the release of their latest album, Need to Feed. Even in the spurts of free time that the trio does have, music sweeps in with rad house shows, recording sessions and solo projects, like the exclusive listen featured here.