Embellished to Life: A Conversation With Illustrator Bill Rebholz

At any given moment, on any given day, you can find illustrator Bill Rebholz huddled over his desk, sketching long-legged gentlemen gripping their oblong belongings. He draws simplicities sans simplicity, exaggerating all interactions, aspects and ratios to parade the detailed oddities of life.

Something Like Idols: Bill Murray

So we may be a little late In honoring Saturday Night Live’s 40th anniversary but we found it a great opportunity to honor another one of our idols, Bill Murray.

Something Like Idols: Kurt Vonnegut

Worn out copies of Vonnegut’s God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater and Cat’s Cradle could be found in the hands of longhaired college students and weed-smoking street musicians throughout the country, daring them to challenge the everyday methodologies of political and social institutions and reality itself. Read our ode to the chain-smoking social pessimist and author.

Something Like Idols: Lester Bangs

Besides the randomly intriguing long form pieces that surface from the music nerds over at MOJO magazine, not only do very few music articles captivate, but even fewer music critics have ever created a career out writing with as much veracity and unflattery as Lester Bangs.