Julie Ruin, Wilco and Kurt Vile Storm Union Park At Pitchfork Festival 2015

“Everyone please remain calm and evacuate the premises immediately,” the voice echoed spookily over a loudspeaker, engulfing the Pitchfork Festival attendees at Chicago’s Union Park. What quickly sparked into a scene that could have been a part of the Hunger Games series, people abandoned their posts around the festival’s stages, allowing for all chaos to ensue.

A Life Interpreted With Photographer Yoav Friedländer

As natural observers, we learn and understand with our fives senses—that is, until they’re impeded by things such as geography or time, in which case we look to outside experiences to fabricate our own. Enter photography: the window to shared places, moments and experiences from which we inform our own by others’ documented memories. For photographer Yoav Friedländer, those shared memories are more than memories, but opportunities to develop personal meaning and effect.
photo by Tristan Pelletier

MUSIC VIDEO PREMIERE: Let’s Quit All Our Jobs—Let’s Move Out to LA

Luke Pelletier and his friends John and Matt (the See Ya Laters of Alligator Kid & The See Ya Laters) just released their debut album "Never Ganna Mellow Out," a "goofy-surfy-indie-pop record about girls, friends, systems of being taken advantage of while simultaneously taking advantage of other people, and being a generally self-destructive person." amadeus consensus: it's awesome.
Bastien Salabanzi

The A’Mazing Eric Eckert

Twists and turns, zig zags and dead ends—a maze can appear unsolvable. For artist Eric Eckert, completing a maze was never his goal, but creating those complicated, interesting routes became his focus.

LOLIPALOOZA Through Teresa Flowers’ Lens

Artist, friend and amadeus-collaborator, Teresa Flowers, was there to capture the ceaseless day, snapping live sets, friendly faces and the funky fest's locale. Take a look at LOLIPALOOZA 2015 through Teresa Flowers' lens.

Something Like Idols: Sally Mann

A black-and-white photograph titled "White Skates" perfectly captures the provocative, sensual and enigmatic style of Sally Mann's stunning photography. Mann's older daughter, Virginia, stands naked and poised in some white roller skates on a wood deck with her siblings. Her pale body is luminous; it appears sun-kissed and at the center of the intense summer light behind her.